At ENERGY TRADERS we provide our customers with the highest quality and customer service. Accordingly, we offer customized solutions, having a highly qualified team of professionals at your disposal on a 24/7 basis, ready to answer any inquiry and provide all necessary support.


Our MISSION is to be a sustainable organization, which provides customized solutions, taking care of the environment and maintaining a close relationship with customers, suppliers, and collaborators. Our VISION positions us as a referent in energy solutions at the regional level with innovative products and services.


We are a group of people characterized by proactivity, experience, and responsibility in designing and implementing the best energy products and services.

We get involved in every customer’s situation to provide the most convenient solutions for every company’s needs and circumstances.

We understand our work as an integrated management, where working with others, regardless of their position in the organization, is key to achieving outcomes in line with our values.




450 million cubic meters a year (MMm3/year) of natural gas marketed.

0 days delay in the fulfillment of our obligations with producers.

Fixed-term natural gas agreements with 100%Delivery or Pay , Gas Spot in the 5 hydrocarbon basins.

600 CNG stations using the factoring modality with invoices of over 260 million cubic meters a year (MMm3/year) of natural gas.

Our company has more than 23 years’ experience and at least 200 customers all over the Argentine territory. Since our beginnings in 1994, our consultancy services and energy projects have turned us into a referent in the sector.


As from 2005 we have positioned ourselves as the leading natural gas trader in the center area, selling over 1 million m3 a day. Our operations are backed up by high quality producers.  Nowadays, the behavior of the different variables has allowed us to evolve as comprehensive traders, offering stocking alternatives according to market needs in the environments of natural gas, electric energy, and liquid fuels.


Among others, these features make us reliable, trustworthy partners both for our customers and producers, thus allowing us to design and offer comprehensive energy solutions.





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